Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst
SaskTel Corporate Communications
Regina, Saskatchewan


Develops fundamental Marketing plans or programs for existing and new product and service offerings by evaluating the competitive situation, market position and product/service alternatives.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for selection and support of products, services or rate packages (e.g. assembly of various products and services exclusively directed toward a specific segment of the market) available for purchase, lease or rental to external customers. Responsible for all aspects of life cycle management.
2. Responsible for external market analysis, segmentation or differentiation by various research methods including focus groups with the primary goal of identifying strategies to: Increase external market share or retain existing market share. Enable selection of the external target market for the product or service. Determine appropriate distribution channel and respond to variables in the competitive marketplace including forecasting and sensitivity analysis of the options.
3. Responsible for pricing, including setting prices or rates external customers would pay for particular products or services. This includes costing and economic modelling, revenue forecasting and portfolio profitability.
4. Responsible for promotion/advertising of products, services or rate packages to external customers, including forecasting, budgeting and determining the target external audience.

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