Designation Benefits

CMMP® Marketing Designation

The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) with the support of marketing community members from 192 countries have been working on developing and implementing Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMST) for the practice and certifications in the areas of marketing on a global basis. Consequntly, the IIMP® has empowered the Certified Marketing Management Professionals of Canada to implement the Certified Marketing Management Professional(CMMP®) designation within Canada. Individuals who have achieved specific qualifications through their education and work experience in the marketing field will be able to obtain this prestegious designation.

CMMP®  designation holders will be able to gain a competitive edge in the marketing industry by achieving a high level of competence that can be demonstrated on a professional level. The professioal designation will provide marketing practitioners with the specialized knowledge, confidence and credibility needed to get ahead and take charge of their careers.

Recognition / Accreditation

Through the accreditation of academic centres around the world, IIMP® will succeed in setting the highest level of educational programs in the marketing field. Graduates from these educational programs will build their credentials and will qualify to earn CMMP® designation. Marketing Professionals will be empowered through CMMP® designation, which requires the highest level of expertise and professionalism in the marketing industry.


With an CMMP® designation, marketing practitioners will take charge of their careers. Due to the highest level of expertise and professionalism accompanied with a CMMP® designation, marketing professionals will have a higher level of autonomy in the marketing profession than ever before by being promoted and recognized in the corporate world.

Career Advancement

Marketing practitioners are a vital force in the achievement of an organizations strategic goals and objectives. CMMP® Canada recognizes that marketing is an essential function that contributes to the success of an entity. With the worldwide recognition and higher level of autonomy that a CMMP® designation brings forth, marketing professionals will have a greater prospect of career advancement and opportunity to contribute to their organizations’ success.

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