Event Partners

CMMP Canada has partnered with the upcoming Data Marketing Conference and cordially invites the marketing professionals to participate and visit our booth at the event.


DATA MARKETING 2013 – Toronto

December 9-10, Toronto, Hyatt Regency Hotel


In today’s data driven marketplace, marketing leaders need to harness massive amounts of data that customers generate. The desire to be data driven requires constant effort from marketers to collect data necessary to make appropriate decisions.

Technology and data enable marketers to deliver communications that are much more relevant through effective micro-segmentation, sentiment analysis, behavior prediction and personalization. However, given the excessive volume and extremely diverse nature of the content, companies are sometimes unsure about how to proceed with their data in order to turn it into actionable insight.


DATA MARKETING 2013 will address the challenges and perspectives of the data landscape and is an opportunity for marketing professionals to discover innovative strategies and technologies in order to optimize data and turn it into actionable insights.

·         Access a targeted conference program to learn about the perspectives and changes of the data landscape

·         Meet the market’s most innovative experts and learn how to drive an integrated approach to harness customer data

·         Achieve better marketing results