CMMP Certification


IIMP® accreditation CMMP® (Certified Marketing Management Professional) is a globally-recognized and well respected measure of professional and academic excellence in the practice of marketing. This program will recognize the perseverance, dedication and competence of successful marketing professionals all around the world. Those who earn the CMMP® demonstrate a deep, yet broad knowledge of marketing. It denotes high professional, educational and ethical standards in marketing and is valuable to those practitioners who earn it, to the clients and organizations they represent and most importantly to the marketing profession itself.

The CMMP® program is designed for industry professionals and is considered to be the mark of distinction for those who demonstrate commitment to the marketing profession and to its ethical practice. The CMMP® designation is validation that a professional in the field of marketing has successfully demonstrated competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice marketing effectively in today’s business arena.


Academic Background Requirements

In order to be accepted into the CMMP® designation program, the candidate must have completed an undergraduate three-year degree with the following foundation and marketing courses with a total of 51 credit hours (each course must be 3 credit hours):

Foundation Courses

1. Business Law
2. Accounting
3. Economics
4. Statistics / Quantitative Methods
5. Psychology / Sociology
6. Introduction to Management
7. Human Resources Management
8. Management Information Systems
9. Business Strategy / Strategic Management

Marketing Courses

1. Introduction to Marketing
2. Consumer Behavior
3. Marketing Research
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Marketing Management
6. Advertising and Promotion
7. Internet Marketing / e-Marketing
8. International / Global Marketing


Once the candidate is accepted into the CMMP™ designation program then he/she will be prepared in the following areas

Professional Proficiencies

1. Attitudes & Abilities
2. Critical Relevant Proficiencies
3. Ethics (General/Personal)

Marketing Management Areas

The marketing management areas will cover the essential set of skills for Marketing Management:

1. Marketing Planning
2. Marketing Analysis
3. Strategic Marketing
4. Marketing Mix Strategy, Management and Execution
5. Marketing Performance Measurement
6. Marketing Ethics & Compliance

Marketing Areas of Specializations

The marketing areas of specializations are electives which give the candidate a chance to explore as well as dive in depth into specific areas of marketing:

1. Community Marketing
2. Digital Marketing
3. Experiential Marketing
4. Customer Relationship Management Marketing
5. Geo-Marketing
6. Internet Marketing (Social Media, E-marketing, Affiliate Marketing)
7. Key Account Management (Account Based Marketing)
8. Mobile Marketing
9. Pharmaceutical Marketing
10. Retail Management
11. Service Marketing
12. Sustainability Marketing
13. Value-Based Marketing


The CMMP® designation program will be delivered by implementing a state-of-the-art handbook. The CMMP® designation handbook will cover all the technical as well as the practical aspects of marketing. This will be a guideline and a reference for marketing professionals all over the world. The topics discussed in the handbook are universal in nature and have been contributed based on the expertise of authors and co-authors.


Prof. Dr. Appalayya Meesala, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
Professor, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Institute of Management & Technology

Prof. Kunal Gaurav, M.B.A. (Marketing), PhD (Marketing)
Director – Research & Publications, Dhruva College of Management

Prof. Dr. Naushadul Haque Mullick, PhD (Marketing)
Professor & Area Chairperson (Marketing), Asia Pacific Institute of Management

Prof. Dr. Reinaldo Gregori, MA, PhD (Demography / Economics)
Chief Executive Officer, Cognatis Analytical Geomarketing

Prof. Shyama Kumari, MBA, PhD Candidate
Assistant Professor (Marketing), Asia Pacific Institute of Management

Dr. Aftab Alam, PhD (Business Administration)
Assistant Professor in Marketing, King Abdul Aziz University

Dr. Alex Simidchiev, M.D.
Respiratory Commercial Network – Central Europe, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Alexandra Fenzl, PhD (International Management)
Chief Executive Officer, Fenzl GmbH

Dr. Arthur Arzumanian, MBA, PhD (Economics)
Marketing Director, MANFOL & Co.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan, PhD (Marketing)
Associate Professor, Leading University

Dr. Bikramjit Rishi, MBA, PhD (Management)
Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad

Dr. Dalia Kriksciuniene, PhD (Marketing Information Systems)
Associate Professor, Vilnius University

Dr. Doroteya Naboko, MSc, PhD
Brand Manager, Sopharma Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Jean-Paul Peronard, MSc, PhD (Marketing)
President, Peronard Research

Dr. Kamen Boyanov Spassov, MBA (International Business), PhD
Associate Professor in e-Business, Sofia University

Dr. Madhavi (Ayyagari) Ganju, PhD (Marketing)
Director, Mindsbourg

Dr. Martin Zemborain, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
Associate Professor of Marketing, IAE Business School, Universidad Austral

Dr. Pierre McDonagh, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
Group Head Marketing & Senior Lecturer, Dublin City University

Dr. Sanjaya Singh Gaur, PhD (Management & Marketing)
Associate Professor of Sales & Marketing, Auckland University of Technology

Dr. Slavica Cicvaric Kostic, PhD (Marketing & Public Relations)
Associate Professor at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade

Dr. Sofia Daskou, PhD (Marketing)
Coordinator of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Faculty of Business at Hellenic American University

Dr. Veena Tewari Nandi, MBA, PhD (International Marketing)
Assistant professor, Head (Centre for Corporate Citizenship)

Dr. Yoosuf Cader, Masters in Marketing, PhD (Applied Pharmacology)
Associate Professor (Marketing), Zayed University

Dr. Zafer Oter, MSc, PhD
Assistant Professor Dr., Al Faisal University – Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Business

Mr. Ioannis Gedeon, BA, MSc (Marketing)
Business & Management Practises, Palgrave Macmillan

Mr. Jason C. Healy, PhD (Consumer Research)
Brand Marketing Consultant, Voice Coaching Ireland

Ms. Laura Callow, B.Com, MBA (Business Marketing)
Senior Digital Marketing Manager – Intuit Global Business Division, Intuit Mr. Luuk Soons, MS
Marketing Manager Norway & Sweden, Insparx

Mr. Mohamed T. Kesseba, Chartered Marketer, MBA (Marketing), DBA Candidate in Marketing
Marketing Director, Qualcomm, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia

Mr. Sumardy Coffin, MM (Marketing)
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Buzz&Co – Word of Mouth Marketing Agency

Ms. Tasnim Eran, MS (International Marketing)
Graduate Assistant, Saint Joseph’s University

Ms. Victoria Saridou, MBA
Marketing Director at Deep Excavation


The CMMP® designation holders may seek careers in the following marketing areas:

1. Marketing Planning
2. Marketing Intelligence System (Market, Competitor & Customer)
3. Marketing Research
4. Consumer Behavior
5. Market Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
6. Brand Management
7. Global Marketing
8. Relationship Marketing
9. Integrated Marketing Communications (Advertising, PR & Sponsorship)
10. Marketing Channels Management
11. Pricing (Strategy, Methodology & Financial Implications)
12. New Product development
13. Marketing Performance Measurement
14. Marketing Ethics & Compliance


1. Community Marketing
2. Digital Marketing
3. Experiential Marketing
4. Customer Relationship Management Marketing
5. Geo-Marketing
6. Internet Marketing (Social Media, E-marketing, Affiliate Marketing)
7. Key Account Management (Account Based Marketing)
8. Mobile Marketing
9. Pharmaceutical Marketing
10. Retail Management
11. Service Marketing
12. Sustainability Marketing
13. Value-Based Marketing


The framework of the CMMP® and Executive CMMP® has been formed by the following three advisory board and councils which consist of senior advisory marketing leaders from 150 countries.

The development of the CMMP® and Executive CMMP® designations have been led by the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMS) Board which represents the G-20 countries; the IAMS Board members include senior academic leaders from reputable business schools and Chief Marketing Officers from major corporations across the G-20 countries. The IAMS Board worked with the aid and cooperation of teams from Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP); that is a group of marketing practitioners and International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP) which has representation marketing leaders from 150 countries.


Following are statements from marketing practitioners and academicians around the world:

Dr. Sofia Daskou, PhD (Marketing)
Coordinator of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
Hellenic American University
Athens, Greece

“The Marketing profession globally contributes to economic growth by promoting the relationships between buyers and sellers in environments of mutual respect and dialogue. The IIMP™ honours its responsibility in assuring the apt application of marketing by offering the CMMP® program to professionals who wish to excel in improving their marketing competencies. I believe that this program will aid marketing professionals to benefit from the IIMP™ community of learning and to progress in their careers with the confidence that their efforts are internationally acknowledged.”

Dr. Alan Kaplan, B.Econ (Hons), M.Comm, CPM, PhD (Business)
Executive Director
Optivance 360
Sydney, Australia

“The IIMP™ is to be congratulated on the introduction of the CMMP® designation which will make a significant contribution to ensuring consistently high marketing standards on a global basis and add significant value across many stakeholder groups including professional marketers, employers, clients, academia and society at large.

In addition to setting a professional benchmark and the benefits that flow, the CMMP® will create a fellowship of camaraderie beyond marketing through an international fellowship that unites people and cultures that share a common goal of acquiring and applying exemplary marketing skills at the highest level.

The tremendous depth of international marketing talent that underpins the CMMP®, as well as the constant drive to be at the cutting edge of marketing at the highest level, will ensure that the CMMP® is truly a professional designation that will have a major impact in marketing circles and far beyond.”

Dr. Yasser Aly, MBA, PhD (Business Administration)
Certified Consultant & Trainer in M&E
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Cairo, Egypt

“IIMP™ has been continually working to deepen the concepts of quality marketing professionals worldwide. The holders of CMMP® or Executive CMMP® would enjoy globally a sustainable competitive advantage in the workforce markets, be competent, proud and self-confident, present higher performance and, in return, expect career advancement.”

Dr. Inma Rodríguez-Ardura, Doctorate in Economics and Business Sciences
Associate Professor of Marketing
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

“An industry-based certificate for marketing management professionals, like CMMP® designation, can allow marketing practitioners to illustrate a high level of competence and achievement within the profession.

Accredited and industry-based designation programmes facilitate candidates’ improvement of their knowledge and expertise, as well as success in taking new business opportunities.”

Dr. Suneel Sethi, PhD (Business Admin.), MABC (USA), FIMM, MIMA, A-IIMA
Corporate Strategist and Marketing Advisor
Managing Partner at Sethi Associates, Management Consultants
Toronto, Canada

“Congratulations for releasing the humongous and a valuable compendium of knowledge for every marketing professional, an extremely exhaustive Handbook. The handbook covers a wealth of information on the practical aspects of marketing, essentially recommended for every marketing professional. This handbook will surely serve to be an important source of reference and a step-by-step guide for all Certified Marketing Management Professional members of IIMP™. This handbook is but only a single important tool for the practice of marketing profession, to begin with, and I hope there would be many more to follow , for the privileged Certified Marketing Management Professional members of IIMP™.“

Eric Bindah, MBA, Ph.D. Fellow, Business Administration / Marketing (Candidate)
Lecturer & Trainer (Affiliates)
a University
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“The intrinsic value of CMMP® is rewarding to the achiever in that recognition of excellence leads to self-fulfillment and thus to self-realization. By recognizing that what we do does make a difference, we are stimulated to higher productivity. Accomplishments are enjoyed more when shared with others. The contacts made through the CMMP® are valuable throughout educational and professional careers.

The experience gained by working with CMMP® is excellent for building up your career path. Asides from these important benefits, the CMMP® provides a springboard for professional growth. Opportunities are made available to its members for promoting their research, receiving national and international recognition, meeting and interacting with leaders in the marketing field, and meeting members of other chapters who are also leaders in their respective industry.

A culmination of the benefits mentioned above is knowing that many individuals, by their caring, dedication, perseverance, and hard work, have made it possible to encourage professionals interested in field of marketing to strive for excellence—to reach toward that attainable star. Some Advantages to CMMP® Designation CMMP® provides international recognition for academic excellence in the field of marketing, an honor which can be noted on employment applications, vitae, and resumés.

Through CMMP® designation one can gain a sense of community with others in the field of marketing and an identification with the discipline.

CMMP® provides a local, regional, national and international forum for obtaining information and developing perspectives about the field of marketing standards and practices, learning about educational and career opportunities, and forming meaningful professional networks.

Last but not least CMMP® facilitates leadership development, interaction with other professional who have similar interests, and service to the department and institution sponsoring CMMP®.”

Dr. Rajender Kumar
Ph.D., M.COM., M.A.Economics, PGDFM, PGDMM, MIMA, LL.B.
Assistant Professor
University of Delhi, Rajdhani College, Department of Commerce
New Delhi, India

“I extend my heartiest Congratulations to the IIMP® on the occasion of launching the best marketing programme CMMP® in new education of marketing arena. CMMP® will seek to explore the knowledge of marketing professionals for the new green marketing professions. CMMP® will develop the global standard of marketing with the IIMP® and will resurrect of all associations of marketing in the global. Congratulate them for this extraordinary achievement for any quality marketing professionals. CMMP® will be the best programme in the globe for raising the Business Economics. CMMP® values and ethics will play very important role to moving the wheel of marketing growth to change the global marketing economy. Through CMMP® designation every marketing professional will leave the excellent impression and identity in the global market after completed this certified course by IIMP®. I hope that CMMP® designation will create the way of success for marketing professional careers in global marketing organizations.”

Ceceille Palmer BBA (Hons), MBA
Business Development Manager
ActionCOACH Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica

“The CMMP® designation provides standard and worldwide recognition for marketing professionals globally. It is a well needed and rewarding credential for aspiring marketers as well as those professionals already working in the field.

I truly congratulate and support this IIMP initiative which will facilitate learning and development in marketing.”

Bill Davis
President, Speaker, Author
Davis Marketing Group
Greater Denver Area, USA

“The subject matter covered by this curriculum is impressive. Successful mastery of these subjects should help prepare a marketer to deliver results to their clients or employers.”


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